Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....


Really????   Already??????

As far as the weather is concerned here in Central Texas, it still doesn't LOOK like Christmas, but the lights, the sounds, the songs and the shoppers all tell us that it certainly IS that time again!

Even though I grew up in Texas, I spent many Christmases in Indiana visiting family, so I am not unfamiliar with winter weather.

I love snow.  I love how magical it is, when out of the corner of your eye the first few little flakes begin to quietly fall from the sky.  And then little by little the world turns into a larger-than-life snowglobe!

Standing on my parents' back porch out in the country... listening as it falls... yes, there are sounds in the snow.  Whispers of beauty... whispers straight from heaven, as each snowflake gently lands on the tree branches, slowly but surely covering the ground like a blanket laid out by the angels.

One year - I can't remember exactly how many years back... 6 or 7 maybe - we were spending Christmas here in Texas.  I was determined, however, to have some winter wonderland in my house!  I pulled out scissors and white paper and coffee filters.  I sat the kids down at the table.  We folded paper.  We cut.  And magically our dining table became covered in a blanket of beautiful paper snowflakes.  It was only last year that I finally took down those snowflakes from the window.  One of my boys still has his window filled with them.

Memories...so sweet and never too far away to remember the happiness felt in those simple moments together.  And I think it might be time for us to pull out the scissors and paper and make all new ones.  It doesn't matter that they are all teenagers now.

Now, if you don't cherish the thought of trying to pick up a million-billion-gadzillion little pieces of paper (ok, I exaggerate), you can go here and cut a "virtual" snowflake.  It takes a little getting used to how to wield the scissors, but it is so fun...and addicting.  So go....go create a little magic of your own!  Let me know how you like it!

Oh, and for those of you who really would like to try the paper version, here are some instructions to get you started.

Put on some Christmas music, gather around the table, and let the memories begin!!!


Leanne said...

There is nothing like that first snowfall of the season ... LOVE it. We had a really light dusting of flurries on my drive home this evening, but nothing big (and nothing stuck). But I do love it when it starts to stay around a little. I especially love when the trees are lined in white branch by branch - it's so beautiful to me.

The husband and I honeymooned in Key West (many years ago) and I remember seeing all the Christmas decorations all over ... it just wasn't the same as December in the midwest . . . wearing shorts and looking at Christmas decorations is just not the same.

Nicole said...

I like the paper snowflakes much more better than the real thing! It is pretty and magical at first, then it turns black with road grime and gets annoying! I cut out paper snowflakes one year and tried to cut my finger off with scissors... I missed :(... it was a bloody mess... I think I'll try the virtual one ;)

Doris said...

@Leanne - we hardly EVER get snow down here, so when we do everyone runs outside even though it rarely amounts to more than 1/8"!! LOL

@Nicole - girl, I'ma gonna come take them scissors away from you! haha, ouch! The virtual one is much safer AND if you mess it up, you just "undo". That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

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