Saturday, July 31, 2010

Keep on Blooming

In my back yard, there is a patch of Mexican purple petunias. The patch started as one small plant several years ago and has managed to survive a multitude of attacks from many sources – one terroristic chocolate Labrador Retriever who loved to chew everything in sight, Mother Nature, and Mother Marler (that would be me with weed whacker in hand).

Over the past few weeks as I have taken the puppy outside each morning, afternoon, and evening, I have nothing better to do at that particular time than to just wait. During that waiting time, my eyes wander over the yard and inevitably fall on the petunia patch.

In the early morning, the leaves stand up tall and beautiful and there are usually 3-5 pretty little flowers greeting me. Purple is my favorite color, making them that much more beautiful to me. The purple is vibrant against the rich green of the leaves, and the early morning light just coming up over the horizon gives softness to everything.

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