Friday, November 12, 2010

Things November: Nov. 12, 2010

On November 12, 1980, the NASA space probe Voyager I made its closest approach to Saturn and took the first images of its rings.

Simply stunning.

I gaze at this in awe and wonderment...

...ponder the beauty.

How could this possibly be anything other than an amazing creation?  My mind cannot even imagine how anyone could think that this is just an "accident".

No, this is MADE. 

by God's hands. 

I imagine it.

He cups his hands, as if forming a snowball.  Slowly he brings his hands up to his mouth...he softly breathes into them, opens his hands and in utter delight lets float this breathtaking sphere of G0d-breath.

He sprinkles all around it layer upon layer of texture and color and places it among his beautiful collection of other God-breathed creations.

Shhhhh...can you hear it?  The soft whisper of him, as he moves throughout the universe, placing one treasure after another just where he wants them to be? 

Shhhhh...listen.  He's there.

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."
Genesis 1:1


Steph @ MomKaboodle & The Helping Mommy said...

Beautiful! Congrats on being the Featured Friend over at Seeds of Faith. I'm visiting (a bit late) from iFellowship.


Doris said...

Hey there's never too late to drop by! I'm so glad you did. I peeked at your blog as well and I must say, I am looking forward to digging in even more!

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